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– A laundry sanitiser additive designed to disinfect clothing and effectively eliminate bad odours from sportswear, underwear (lingerie, socks, pyjamas, …), baby and children’s clothing, towels, fabric in contact with pets and infirm people, household items such as sheets, floor cloths, curtains, etc.


Maximum efficiency without bleach: sanitises clothes while effectively eliminating bacteria and germs

    • Suitable for all clothes, both white and coloured
    • Effective in cold water: (from 20 ºC)
    • Compatible with all detergents and wash cycles
    • A pleasant, clean smell: unlike bleach it leaves a pleasant scent, giving all clothing a sensation of hygiene and cleanliness
    • Unlike bleach, it doesn´t stain or discolour clothing and is far gentler on fibres.



    • BY MACHINE: Dispense 80 ml of the product into the softener tray. Do not add softener to ensure proper sanitation. Add the detergent and continue with the usual washing process.
    • BY HAND: Dispense 20 ml of the product into 4 litres of water and leave for 15 minutes. Hand wash and rinse with plenty of water.

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